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In a time where anyone can make the same product for the same price, CX is the last battleground for differentiation


CX Full Story


Customer experience can be measured at various touchpoints in their respective journeys with your organization, however, these metrics don't show the cumulative experience.  Organizations are often puzzled by their seemingly high touch-point results that don't convert to an overall increase in loyalty, advocacy and spend.  This is because each experience that is anything less than perfect, accumulates towards an overall lower impression and some carry more weight than others.  The Chorus Tree team can review and improve the Full Story as well as help you to understand which touch-points carry the most weight in the minds of your customers.  This may include Journey Mapping with a deep analysis of each stage and the overall journey. 

CX Ecosystem

Organizations are often filled with talented people who spend a great deal of effort focusing on the customer.  Yet the needle on the overall experience doesn't seem to move.  It could be unseen silos or an opportunity for more rigour in CX project prioritization (see VoC Proficiency).  It could be organization design as a whole, team goals, organizational vision, untapped talent and more.  Chorus Tree's team can take a holistic look at your entire CX Ecosystem, make recommendations and/or execute a change plan to help you drive optimal results throughout the CX Ecosystem

CX Frontline Review

Frontline touch-points are typically some of the heavier weighted interactions impacting the overall CX.  Sometimes, they are the cause of a CX issue and sometimes they are your bet defence to save a poor CX experience.  Chorus Tree can help you assess your Frontline interactions whether they be your retail team, your sales team, your customer service team or any other human interaction you may have with your customer.  We not only will provide you with a detailed review outlining all your opportunities but can work with you to devise a comprehensive plan to improve your Frontline touch-points.  

VoC Proficiency

Voice of the Customer Proficiency is part of the CX Ecosystem service but can also be conducted on it's own.  What is VoC Proficiency?  It's a means of measuring how  well an organization listens to and then acts on what customers are saying.  Chorus Tree can help to review how various sources, quantitative and qualitative are being leveraged, consolidated and analyzed as well as how well your organization integrates that learning into your ecosystem.  



Unrelentingly hire great talent, give them a purpose, remove barriers that hamper them from achieving that purpose and hone their skills to make an even bigger contribution.  Because great CX can only occur when you have great EX.


EX Healthcheck

We will assess your current Employee Engagement levels against our key EX criteria.  Through a combination of survey, interviews and process reviews, the Chorus Tree team can provide both diagnosis and treatment to ensure your EX is healthy with a sustainable plan to ensure many years of top health.  

EX Journey Mapping

EX Journey Mapping takes talent management to the next level.  Many organizations have already put a good deal of thought and planning into their customer journeys but struggle to understand, execute and measure the elements in an employee journey that attracts, retains and gets the highest level of engagement from the best talent out there.  Chorus Tree can help you design and execute an employee journey that makes sense for your brand, culture and purpose.  

EX Talent Sourcing and Selection

In addition to EX Journey Mapping which is already inclusive of the foundational elements of Talent Management, the Chorus Tree team can assist you find ways to speak directly to your ideal candidates through job posting review and composition.  Additionally, our team has decades of experience in screening and selecting only the best talent and we can either augment or help you to refine your own interview and selection process.  Need someone to hunt down talent?  We have a select list of preferred partners to help you with that too.  

EX Training and Executive Coaching

Study after study has proven that poor leadership drives half or more resignations.  What's more troubling is that it is typically the best talent who leave.  Chorus Tree offers a variety of leadership training focused on increasing EX and stemming the talent leak poor leaders cause. Authentic Leadership, Conflict Resolution, The Connected Leader, Building Trust, are just some of the topics we train on.  Additionally, Chorus Tree offers Executive Coaching services which include one on one regular coaching on how to be the best EX leader possible and in turn, unlock your team's true potential.  

Employee Engagement
Training and Coaching
Talent Sourcing and Selection


And should be the heart of your organization.  They touch your customers in the most influential way and are the keepers of real-time VoC sentiment. 

Contact Centre HEARTCheck

Most consulting companies will audit your centre's operational proficiency only.  Chorus Tree's HEARTCheck does that and so much more.  We measure your centre's heart.  Meaning, our assessment will include both a full diagnostic of your operational proficiency as well as measure things like alignment to your brand and vision, leadership credibility and effectiveness, frontline empathy and empowerment and much much more.  In an age where top performing "operations" as measured against best practice but are still delivering lacklustre CX and EX as is evidenced by customer and employee loyalty and advocacy.  To do better and grow a leading gap between you and your competitors, you need to dig deeper into how your contact centre is run culturally.  

Contact Centre Design

Chorus Tree has vast experience leading, auditing, consulting, designing and building some of the best contact centre's in the world.  When you know you want to take your organization's contact centres to the next level but are unsure how OR as a follow up to a HEARTCheck, the Chorus Tree team can help design the contact centre you need either from scratch or inclusive of a change management plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. 

Contact Centre Customer Experience by Design

Let's face it, it's hard to recall a time where we called a contact centre and had an incredible experience.  In fact, many people cite their best experiences with contact centres as one where they were transferred to a leader or a second agent or another level and that person was able to solve all their needs.  You shouldn't have to be transferred/escelated for good service should you?  Customer Experience by Design is a complete design of your ideal customer interaction and outcome.  This includes a full review of your customer contacts (phone, email, chat, SMS, social, etc) as well as the tools you use to deliver measure those interactions (e.g. call flows, scripts, quality monitoring forms, training, etc).  The Chorus Tree team will identify the gaps and help you execute a plan to roll out the new design that will not only boost your customer satisfaction and NPS scores but has the inceridble side effect of boosting your employee engagement too through increased empowerment and job satisfaction.

Contact Centres



The Chorus Tree team and our network of preferred partners can offer a variety of other services.  When in doubt, check with us to see how we can help.


Some additional services we and/or our select partners can provide

  • Contact centre technology partner sourcing and selection

  • CRM design

  • Change management

  • Cultural Tranformation

  • Organizational Design

  • Corporate Health and Wellness 

  • Staffing (from frontline to executive search)

  • Service and Sales Training

  • Contract help

  • Contact centre outsourcing (partner selection and oversight)

  • Workforce Management

  • Human Resource Consulting

  • Keynote Speaking

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