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About Us


We are not your typical consulting firm and our background is a key part of our value.

Who we are

At Chorus Tree, when we say we understand the critical interdependencies between employee and customer experiences, it's not just a nice line of copy.  We've lived it.  Time and time again.  Our team is comprised of a balance between expert award winning hands on practitioners, data and analytics experts and organizational psychology expertise.  As a result, we are uniquely equipped to help clients in a holistic way.


Chorus Tree was founded by Neal Dlin who has an over two decade long track record in strategic turn arounds, new design and launches for both customer and employee experiences.  Each engagement has had dramatic, measurable results. Most recently, Neal helped to launch Sonnet Insurance, Canada's first online digital direct P&C insurance company.  The launch of Sonnet has not only shaken the Canadian insurance landscape with countless innovation awards, it also has challenged some long established customer service practices and as a result, became an industry buster in customer and employee satisfaction. 

Our history

Chorus Tree first launched in 2008 as 3 Up 1 Down Consulting, with Spin Master Toys as our first client. In 2013 we rebranded as Centrifugal Voice, partnering with NueBridge and JD Power and assisting clients such as T-Mobile, Mercedes Benz Financial, Rogers, Alaskan Airlines and more. In 2015 we took a 3 year hiatus as founder, Neal Dlin, dedicated himself full time to the launch of Sonnet. Now, we are back and better than ever with a new name. Chorus Tree.


The meaning behind the name is simple. To create leading employee and customer experiences, you must tend to both the tactical and strategic, both the surface and the root of the issue if you want to grow and sustain excellence. This is only accomplished by organizations who can bring all groups together, whether directly or indirectly customer facing, in harmony (like a chorus) working towards a common and clear goal. That is Chorus Tree. 

What Makes Us Different

On the surface. 

Customer AND employee  experience experts. 

There are many consulting partners you can choose who are strong in Customer Experience  or Employee Experience.  What sets Chorus Tree apart is our deep understanding of both of these areas and our intimate knowledge of their interdependencies.  Each engagement is looked at from the tactical or above the ground solution as well as the root cause strategic shifts necessary to drive real sustainable results.  This encompasses both the customer and employee experience and our track record demonstrates the profound impact of combining the two.



Our DNA explained

A bit deeper. 

Critical yet creative thinkers, futurists that will help you leapfrog past the competition. 

In an age where overall customer satisfaction has consistently decreased each year across all industries, best practices aren't able to meet the ongoing evolution of customer expectations.  We go beyond best practices and often challenge some that are consistently underwhelming customers.  Chorus Tree founder, Neal Dlin, is considered a thought leader, speaker, disruptor and visionary.  Our approach is outcome based and our solutions are typically a tailored hybrid of best and next practices that will help your organization measurably stand out amongst your competitors.  

At our core.

Passionate about people, connections, the human condition.  Making people's lives better informs how we approach everything.

We believe at our core, that life is about making the world a better place than the one we inherited.  It's what drives the decisions we make outside and inside our work.  It guides the type of projects/partners we like to work with and how we approach the employee and customer journeys.  


Chorus Tree's T.R.A.I.T. philosophy (Trust. Respect, Authenticity, Inspiration and Transparency) is woven throughout both how we work with our partners and the solutions we create to help you reach your goals. 

Chief Customer 
Obsessed Officer

Neal is a Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) expert with over 20 years of operational and thought leadership experience.  Neal is also a Certified JD Power Contact Centre Certification Consultant. 

An unapologetic customer and employee experience enthusiast, Neal is considered to be a visionary and challenger to the status quo.

Neal is a regular speaker, contributor and blogger on CX, EX and Leadership and was named one of ICMI's Top 50 Thought Leaders to follow in 2020. 

In addition to his professional work, Neal is a proud father of three, a singer, songwriter, musician, performer, producer and fundraiser who believes in one's obligation to give back.


Customer and Employee Experience Experts who believe in Authentic Leadership

Corporate Wellness, Organizational Development & Training

Jaime holds a Master’s Degree in Counselling & Organizational Psychology, and has been working in Corporate Wellness, Organizational Design, Leadership Training and Mental Health for over a decade.  

Jaime has worked as a consultant for Accenture, Personnel Decisions Intl and Results Continuum and was also a professor of Organizational Behaviour and Training and Development at George Brown College.  

Jaime also provides individual counselling and executive coaching services outside of her consulting work. 

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BMath, B.Ed, MMT
Data and Insights

Rich holds his Bachelors of Mathematics (BMATH) and his Masters of Mathematics for Teachers (MMT) from the University of Waterloo as well as a Bachelors of Education (B.Ed) from the University of Western Ontario and an Honours Specialist from OISE.  


Rich has spent his career mixed between software development, math education and as a lecturer for the University of Waterloo. Rich has spoken at numerous math conferences and seminars globally, where he promotes the love of mathematics in its purest form. Although Rich loves all branches of mathematics, he has a special fondness for calculus.


Rich leads Chorus Tree’s Data and Insights work.  

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Chorus Tree leverages a business network of proven sub-contractors and strategic business partners in order to meet timelines and fulfill any project, large or small.  Our vast network consists of experts of industry as well as functional expertise (e.g. HR, IT, Marketing, etc). 

Our Team
Businss Network


Can you really call it work?  Hover over each box below to see a few examples of our work.

This project was in collaboration with NueBridge Inc and JD Power.  We completed a full Voice of the Customer Proficiency Assessment, a Contact Center Operational Performance Assessment and an Initiatives Impact Analysis.


Working collaboratively with the incredible team at T-Mobile to identify gaps, devise ways for T-Mobile to reclaim the top spot in customer satisfaction as well as to identify new innovative ways for disruption.

RESULT: T-Mobile reclaimed the JD Power award for best Customer Care and has maintained it ever since.

Worked collaboratively with members from all stakeholder groups to help build and launch Sonnet Insurance, Canada's first completely online home and auto insurance experience that truly puts the customer first. 

Lead the ideation, design and execution of Sonnet's award winning Customer Care.

RESULT: Sonnet's Customer Care has won numerous awards including Stevie and GTACC awards.  They have industry leading CSAT (90-95%), NPS (75-80%) and top quartile Employee Engagement according to Aon Hewitt

Spin Master, one of the leading toy companies globally, was struggling to manage customer demand during their holiday season.  Additionally, their support operation was not achieving the results they desired to live up their amazing products and brands.  


In this project we executed a full overhaul of their support organization inclusive of systems, processes and talent management.

RESULT: Increased NPS by 30%, increased capacity by 20% with a reduction in budget of 25%. 

Our Work


"Service to others, is the rent you pay, for your room here on earth." - Muhammad Ali 


Some of Chorus Tree's service to the community

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 1.22.44 PM.png

Chorus Tree is proud to support Unsung Heroes Productions (UHP), founded by Chorus Tree's own Neal Dlin. 

UHP produces musical fundraiser shows that feature incredibly giving and super talented community members,all singing and dancing for these important causes.

In 6 years and 11 productions, UHP has raised over $600,000 for it's three pillar charities: Leukemia, Mental Health and Poverty.

You can learn more at


Chorus Tree's Chief Customer Obsessed Guy, Neal Dlin, is proud to serve the Customer Experience community through his participation with GTACC.  Neal was one of GTACC's very first speakers and is currently on their Influencer committee.  

GTACC is a not for profit association that not only works to connect and enrich the lives of the CX community through workshops and conferences, it also gives back to charity too.  

Learn more about GTACC at

Giving Back
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